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 Please Take The Time To Read These Rules

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Please Take The Time To Read These Rules Empty
PostSubject: Please Take The Time To Read These Rules   Please Take The Time To Read These Rules EmptyThu Jul 22, 2010 9:19 pm

Forum Rules

1. Be respectful
I do NOT tolerate bashing of any kind! This is a clean and fun board and I will keep it that way. If you have a problem you may PM me anytime. However if I see ANY statements that are disrespectful to a member. The member who is being disrespectful will get one warning. That is all I give so take note of it. If the issue persists then said member will have there account suspended until further notice!

2. No Swearing
Paula has alot of young fans. So I ask you to respect that and keep this a clean forum.

3. No Bickering
If there is a problem that is what I am here for. Please do NOT take it upon yourself to air your disagrements in open forum

4. Read The Rules
If you do not take the time to read and follow these simple rules you may risk being suspended or even banned

Please Take The Time To Read These Rules Icon_lol There ya go! I hope that didn't hurt to bad!
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Please Take The Time To Read These Rules
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