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 Re-Cap - 1/12/11

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PostSubject: Re-Cap - 1/12/11   Re-Cap - 1/12/11 EmptyThu Jan 13, 2011 1:38 am

Smile Hello all. Well tonight's show reveals how we are going to get to the finals plus let's us know who took the 18th spot in the competition. So let's get started:

The opening of the show let's us know that tonight six acts will perform a new routine. Our judges will still have the option of giving each act either a gold or red star for their performance tonight. After all the acts have performed our judges will choose one act to enter the finals and then the voting public will choose the other act. Before we go any further I have to say I am not wild about this set-up. I would have much preferred for the voting public to decide who would go to the finals.

Live from Hollywood, Andrew Gunsberg welcomes us to the show. He explains how the finals will happen and then introduces us to our judges; Kimberley Wyatt, Travis Payne and our very own Paula Abdul. Obviously the audience is thrilled to see Paula as they chant her name. Andrew asks Paula how she feels about being back on live television and she says she is overwhelmed. She gives a crazy comment about a cotton candy river to a brown maple syrup beach. Of course she is kidding with the crazy comment but does feel humble and happy to be on the show.

We again see scenes from last week when the judges had to narrow the field down to 17 acts. Then it is revealed that the 18th act is none other than White Tree Fine Art and frankly I am thrilled that this act made it. Kimberley adds that we need the whole package to win this competiton.

We are then told that Paula is mentoring all the acts before they do their performance. We see some scenes of each as they practice.

Idea First up is the Vibe. Great idea for a dance. I must confess I truly loved the music they danced to. What makes me mad is I can not for the life of me think of what the name of the first song was. I did recognize Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson. I thought this group was good but with so many it was difficult for me to watch all of them at once. Another factor was the camera seemed so far away to from the stage. The judges were very impressed and awarded them 3 gold stars. My grade: B+

Wink Jittin Genius intrigued me with his commentary before he danced. I honestly like this guy and frankly think he would be an excellent choreographer for this type of dancing. He displayed great energy and boy oh boy can his feet move. I was so glad the judges liked him and gave him 3 gold stars. My grade: A

No Chi-Town Finest Breakers are a group that consist of 5 brothers and sisters. They are quite cute kids however this particular dance showed that although they have potential they really need to clean up there act to be more uniform. I did like the Michael Jackson music they performed too. The judges gave them encouragement but did recognize this act did have flaws. They got red stars from Kimberley and Travis but Paula gave them a gold for their infectous personalities. My grade: B-

Shocked I was shocked that the judges all gave this next young man 3 red stars. His name is Austen Acevedo and frankly speaking this kid has such a gift as a contemporay dancer. I do believe he would have done better telling a story with his dance rather than adding the hip-hop moves into his act. While I was watching him an idea came to mind that I wish they had a reality show just for child dancers. I think this kid would have a huge shot in that vein. My grade: B

bounce Bev and Hap are cute as tap dancers. I liked the song they performed to from the Black-Eyed Peas called "Boom Boom Pow Pow". However Hap seemed to have more energy than Bev but you do have to give these two credit for hanging in there considering their ages are 83 and 68. They did have some moves that were out of sync but a very likeable couple indeed. Our judges loved their spirit however they only received one gold star which came from Paula mainly because they inspire her. My grade: C

cheers D'Angelo and Amanda are so adorable and in my opinion were the best of the night as the latin dances are so difficult. They were in sync with each other and had great moves. They received 3 gold stars from the judges. My grade: A+

Surprised Finally the judges give their decision on who they think should go through to the finals and it turns out to be The Vibe. I must say I was surprised. It is now up to the voters to choose the other act who should go through to the finals. I was torn between Jittin Genius and D'Angelo and Amanda so split my votes between the two. May the best act make it.

Next week we will see the next 6 acts perform and the format will be the same to get to the finals. With that being said I must now bid you goodnight and wish you a great week ahead.

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Re-Cap - 1/12/11
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