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 Final Round of Semi-finals - 1/26/11

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Final Round of Semi-finals - 1/26/11 Empty
PostSubject: Final Round of Semi-finals - 1/26/11   Final Round of Semi-finals - 1/26/11 EmptySat Jan 29, 2011 2:20 pm

Smile Hi all, tonight we will fill our final three spots for the finale. In our lead-in we hear Andrew Gunsberg tell us about last week's show as we see scenes of White Tree Fine Art making the finals and also the other acts that performed for a spot. Tonight we will be finding out who takes the fourth position for a chance to win half a million dollars. Our next scenes are our final six acts to fill the last two spots. We are told the judges will pick one of the acts and the voting public will choose the other as has been done in prior shows.

Now the show is officially starting as Andrew Gunsberg comes on stage looking quite handsome in a dark suit. Next we hear that this is the most "celebrated dance floor in America". Hmmm.....I am wondering if this is where they hold the So You Think You Can Dance shows. Anyhow the winner of this show will be crowned in 2 weeks. This has me pondering if next week's show will be each of the final six acts performing and I have a feeling our votes will be determining the winner.

Our intro to the judges is next and I must say all look quite good in their attire especially Paula. She looks wonderful for her age. Following the introductions to our judges are scenes of last week performances and the negative comments given by Travis Payne. As you may or may not know last week's vote from the judges was not unanimous but I am thrilled White Tree Fine Art made it through. Andrew tells us the judges had it rough making their decision but the public did not as it is revealed that "Twitch" is the number 4 act in the finals. Paula thinks they made the right choice and so do I.

lol! No messing around this week as we get to the first act that Paula is mentoring. Dance Town Chaos has a brief clip telling us of their hard work and how they support each other. Tonight's performance shows this group of men in suit jackets but bare chests that have the words "It's A Man's World" written on their chests. They are also dancing to the song of the same name by the legendary James Brown. Their eyes have painted masks over them also. The act itself demonstrated the strength of how it is to be a man and I must stay their gracefulness was wonderful. Each of the judges are impressed and they get three gold stars.

After the break we are now seeing the rehearsal and how Jill and Jacob feel about each other. Seems they are doing a hip/hop number and obviously Jacob has his own ideas on how this dance is going to go which leads Paula to say "you are my problem child". Jacob says before the dance he appreciates Paula's help but this dance is Jill and Jacob not Jill, Jacob and Paula. I think the song they did was called "Save Me" by Rhianna but don't quote me on that. This dance starts with Jill in a school chair and I believe the message of the dance is she wanted to be saved by the drudgery of being in a classroom. What most impressed me about this dance was the lifts these two did. It was amazing in my book especially the see-saw lift. Sadly Travis and Kimberly felt the number seemed disconnected and gave them a red star. Paula also felt the disconnection but appreciated their efforts and gave them gold.

Brooklyn, New York bone-breaker Roosevelt Anderson is our next act to perform. Roosevelt works in a clothing store but practices his dancing daily in his basement. You could tell in the clip of the rehearsal Paula was indeed impressed with this young man and she mentions this again after he performs. Roosevelt is doing not only some bone-breaking but mainly style-walking he calls it. The background of his dance was amazing I thought with scenes of New York, stars and sky. He looks like he is flying in some of this act which was done extremely well. His ease of the style-walking was also quite good. I really liked this act. Kim on the other hand wanted more from him and her vote is a red star. Okay, I think she is off the mark on this one. Paula finds Roosevelt to be a eager, open and delightful person who has a true gift and gives him the gold. Travis believes he is innovative and cool and he too gives Roosevelt gold.

Tap Sounds Underground is working with a prop this week. It is a wooden stage with a slant board attached. We see them putting it together and talking about their 15 year friendship in their promo clip. I am not sure what songs they danced to but have to admit these guys are really good at their type of dance. My problem was at times they were not in-sync with each other but have to still give them props for doing an interesting dance. Paula calls them "unbelievable" and gives them gold. Travis also felt they were quite good but does mention them not being together on some moves but does give them gold. Kimberley is getting on my nerves folks. She feels they are on a professional level and challenges them to breathe new life into their art form. However she did not feel they did that tonight and gives them a red star. When I think of how she has the Pussy Cat Dolls move during their act I really do not think Kimberley is the best judge of dance. I might add Paula was shocked by Kimberley's vote.

Our next act consists of 19 members, 18 are girls with one boy named Michael. They are called "Shore Thing" from Cape May, New Jersey. Paula works with them on their timing before they perform. I remember the song they perform to but for the life of me can not recall the title, sorry. Their opening is Michael on stilts wearing a black robe like a magician as he says "welcome to your dreams". One young girl comes out of his robe dressed like a little girl in pj's with a teddy bear. The scene unfolds where it looks like they are in a forest and the remaining dancers act out different dreams. I found this group impressive with the in-sync moves and tumbling. Wow, their number was really good. Kimberley calls them amazing and they get gold. Paula thinks they brought it and she also gives them gold. Travis thinks they have improved and calls them very good with a gold star as well.

Kendall Glover is our last act of the evening. We see Paula building her confidence and challenging her as Kendall wants to do well for her grandmother and dad. I must say this young girl from Phoenix, Arizona did quite well. I loved her look and her tumbling as she performs. To me her lines were great although Travis mentions she needs work in this area but does think she is a little firework. That is why I was surprised by his red star since his praise well out-weighed the negative. Kimberley thinks she is on fire and rewards her with gold. Paula calls her a gem and a bright star before she too gives her gold.

bounce Wow tonight is a tough one on who should go through as mentioned by the judges. I agree as each of these acts were wonderful in my opinion. The judges finally decide to send "Dance Town Chaos" through to the finals. My choice would have been either Shore Thing or Roosevelt Anderson however as mentioned this was a tough one. Now it is up to the voters on who the final act will be in next week's finals.

I have to add here that I am sorry this re-cap is so delayed this week. I had to have dental surgery (yep my mouth is killing me). Next week hope to get this out sooner so until then take care all!

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Final Round of Semi-finals - 1/26/11 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Final Round of Semi-finals - 1/26/11   Final Round of Semi-finals - 1/26/11 EmptySun Feb 06, 2011 1:33 am

I haven't been able to watch Live To Dance every week but when I do I love the ballet couple White Tree Fine Art. They were my top choice from the moment I saw them. Hopefully the finales will tell the tale. (a good one) heeheehee Good luck to all the contestants who competed in this competition. There were alot of amazing dancers. Paula should be proud of how the show turned out.
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Final Round of Semi-finals - 1/26/11
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