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 Who Wins It All? - 2/9/11

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Who Wins It All? - 2/9/11 Empty
PostSubject: Who Wins It All? - 2/9/11   Who Wins It All? - 2/9/11 EmptySun Feb 13, 2011 2:02 pm

Neutral Hello all. Let me first apologize for the delay in posting this re-cap. I have been so busy for the last couple of days and basically just could not find the time to post. I must also add here that I was less than thrilled with the outcome although I do think the winners are talented. Enough of my ramblings so let's begin.

Andrew Gunsberg opens tonight's show with these comments. Thousands auditioned, six acts made it to the finals, tonight our votes will tell who wins the biggest prize in television history. Welcome to Live To Dance. We then see scenes of our six acts with comments from our judges. Each is introduced separately in clips. Andrew ends his monologue with "who will it be"?

Our judges are introduced after the opening comments from Andrew. Kimberley Wyatt, Travis Payne and the one and only Paula Abdul. Each looks great in their evening clothes. Kimberley is first to speak saying she thinks America had a tough time voting as each act was brilliant among other comments given.

Then comes a true highlight of tonight's show I thought as our six acts perform together. Each gets a moment of introduction before Twitch starts us off with a great dance to the song "Dancing Machine" by The Jackson 5. Kendall Glover comes in at the end of the song to do a small solo which involves Dance Town Chaos and Amanda dancing to the song "Let's Dance" by David Bowie. D'Angelo is featured next with some of The Vibe doing "You Should Be Dancing" by The BeeGees. D'Angelo and Amanda bring us into White Tree Fine Art who starts off the next section with the song "Last Dance" by Donna Summers. The rest of the acts join in for the conclusion of the number. Wow, judging just by this dance with all six I would say we have some truly awesome performers. Last note before we move on is that our very own Paula choreographed this number. Paula is amazing and showed it by bringing this ensemble together so wonderfully. Paula calls the group fantastic and what a joy it was working with so many who all got to know each other. She thanks the parents for manufacturing some beautiful people.

Shocked Now comes the time to name the top three finalists for the prize and frankly with the exception of White Tree Fine Art I was stunned that the other two who made it was Kendall Glover and D'Angelo and Amanda. What gets me is the three who are eliminated had so many in their groups so how on earth did not one of them make it into the final three. I mean, c'mon didn't their friends and family vote? Sure would like to know what the numbers were of the votes taken. Anyhow each of the groups leaving make comments about their experience on the show before Andrew and Travis make a few comments regarding them leaving plus thanking them for being on the show. One last note before I move on is I was highly upset to see Dance Town Chaos not make it into the final three as I thought they should have won the prize even though the other acts were quite good.

After the break we are going to see our top three dance. D'Angelo and Amanda are up first doing a good job with their Latin number. I really liked the backgrounds they had for this young boy and girl. As they dance to a Miami Sound Machine number it is evident that these two will have a long career in dance as they are that good. Andrew asks them once they have finished their number if they think they will still be dancing together when they are older like in their 20's. Amanda says yes and adds if D'Angelo behaves himself. Then Paula and Kimberley give them high compliments.

Our judges give us some comments as we see several acts who have tried out for this show. Travis mentions regreting having given Austin a red star. Paula mentions how so many inspired her. Kimberley is impressed with some of the acts who danced in spite of their hometown situations. Andrew says hello to some of the acts who are in the audience. Chi-Town makes a few comments regarding inspiring kids to dance. This group come from a poor situation so Chrysler decides to reward them by giving them a new Town & Country sedan. This family is overwhelmed to say the least. cheers Not bad for not having made it into the finals.

Next up is White Tree Fine Art who do a repeat of their dance to the song "Hallelujah". These two simply take my breath away with their beauty and technique. Andrew congrats them for making the final three. Both are so happy to have made it this far. Kimberley thanks them for bringing this art to the show. Paula loves their beauty and feels they inspire everyone here. Travis says America got it right and adds they are poetry in motion. He also mentions last week he became a believer but tonight he became a fan.

Kendall Glover is last to perform a repeat number. I really do like the backgrounds but in all honesty I have to say I was not overly impressed with the dancing. I mean she does have some skill but frankly I do not think she should have made the final three. Paula calls her a shining star. I am sure this young girl with have a career in spite of my objection to her coming this far.

For heaven sakes more filler time as we see more scenes of several who tried out for the show, comments from acts and the judges. I think the producers of this show could have come up with something different to fill in time. If this show should make it another season my suggestion is how about having each of our judges do a number, I mean after all they are all good dancers and choreographers especially our Paula.

Now the journey is ending with the announcement of the third place finisher. I am livid that White Tree Fine Art is now gone. We hear some comments from these two before Andrew once again thanks them for being on the show.

Now the moment of truth on who will win the prize. More scenes from each that remain commenting on how much this show has meant to them and making it into the top two. Paula gives some final comments in a tearful manner of the work she has done with these final two acts. She loves all of who have come onto the show.

And the winner is.........D'Angelo and Amanda! Excitement abounds as the family of these two get up on stage to hug the kids and also Kendall Glover who came so close. I think these two kids were in a state of shock but loved how D'Angelo said now he was going to Disney World. Congrats are also given by the judges and Andrew as our show comes to an end.

flower Final comments:

This has indeed been a fast ride with this show and I will miss the fantastic dancing that has been displayed. I must comment on the fact that I am not thrilled that only once act gets such a huge prize. I honestly think since it was hard to beat out so many that each of the top three should get something for their efforts. I have noticed this mistake on several of the reality dance/singing shows. In this case I think the third place act should have received at least $50,000 for their effort. Second place could have gotten $100,000 and the remaining money of the half a million could have been rewarded to the winners. I wish these type of shows would wise up on this.

So in parting my congratulations to D'Angelo and Amanda plus hope you have enjoyed my re-caps. Until we meet again on this site take care all!!!

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Who Wins It All? - 2/9/11
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