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 How to Audition for 'Paula Abdul's Dance Show'

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How to Audition for 'Paula Abdul's Dance Show' Empty
PostSubject: How to Audition for 'Paula Abdul's Dance Show'   How to Audition for 'Paula Abdul's Dance Show' EmptyFri Aug 20, 2010 3:35 pm

Whatever Your Age or Style, You Can Audition
After her departure from American Idol, Paula Abdul has been involved in the development of another show.

Another new dance show is in the works brought you by CBS and Paula Abdul. Outlined after the popular British series, Got to Dance, which is a reality, elimination-style dance competition, open
to dancers of all ages, style, and type, Paula Abdul's Dance Show is already taking applications for auditions.

Premise of Paula Abdul's Dance Show

The point of the show is a "celebration of dance". The website indicates that they don't just want dancers, they want dancers who live and breathe dancing, who have a desire and drive to succeed. But how is this any different than other dance shows?

So You Think You Can Dance? (FOX), America's Best Dance Crew (MTV), and Dancing With the Stars (ABC) are similar shows but with bigger restrictions and a different premises. Paula Abdul's Dance Show only requires one thing of its contestants; that you have a passion for the art of dancing.

Do we have to dance in a group?

No. You can dance solo if you want. You can dance as half of a pair. Or if you're in a company of 20 dancers, that's fine, too. Going solo or any size group; it's all good.

What's the age cut off?

There is no age cut off. Whether your little dancer is 3 or you've been dreaming about being a dancer for 70 years, the opportunity is there for the taking.

When and where are auditions?

Auditions for Paula Abdul's Dance Show will be in New York and Los Angeles presumably at the end of September and/or beginning of October. The exact dates haven't been scheduled yet.

Can I just show up at an audition?

No. You have to register on the website first. Click here for the registration *form. Once you submit that form, someone should contact you with more information on the auditions.

*Please note that the form has video link fields where you can paste links to YouTube (or other) videos of your dancing. I'm not sure whether exclusion of links will have any bearing on someone contacting you but if you don't have videos up somewhere, it might be a good idea to do so before you register.
When you do attend an audition, you have to have the proper paperwork, items, and more. For the complete list, consult this link and look under the heading, "Open Call Requirements".

One item of special note is that when you are in a group or company of dancers, each dancer in the group must complete an application. This is not the same thing as registering. Groups need only register once. When you are contacted after you register, you'll get application information and release forms that will have to be completed by each member of the group.

Who will pay for my trip expenses to audition?

You will more than likely be responsible for your own way to auditions including gas, airfare, food, accommodations and anything else you need to get there and spend whatever time you need to stay. Don't have the money? Organize a fund raiser for the purpose of helping you get to your audition. Read this article for more information on how to organize a fund raiser to send you on your way to your dreams.
Good luck!

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How to Audition for 'Paula Abdul's Dance Show'
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