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 Paula's cousins gift shop Tweak99

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PostSubject: Paula's cousins gift shop Tweak99   Paula's  cousins gift shop Tweak99 EmptySat Nov 27, 2010 12:46 am

Paula's been tweeting alot about her cousins gift shop. I checked it out and I think its worth mentioning!
The prices are resonable too!
Paula Abdul and Tara Riceberg at 'Tweak 99'Dec

Posted by Jennifer Haughton
Paula's  cousins gift shop Tweak99 Gallery_main-36330PCN_Abdul05wtmk
Paula Abdul poses with her cousin Tara Riceberg, outside Riceberg's new Beverly Hills store 'Tweak 99'. The cozy boutique specializes in selling affordable, yet unique gifts, all priced at $99 or less. Abdul looked great in a black outfit, and thigh high boots.

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Paula's cousins gift shop Tweak99
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