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 Re-cap - 1/4/11

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Re-cap - 1/4/11 Empty
PostSubject: Re-cap - 1/4/11   Re-cap - 1/4/11 EmptyThu Jan 06, 2011 1:16 am

cheers Hello all. Paula's new show is finally here and because I am an avid fan I have decided to post re-caps of the shows. Hope this is okay with Jodi. So without further adieu, let's get started.

Tonight the search begins for the top dance act who have a chance to win $500,000. The acts can be any age, any size and use any style of dance. Our host Andrew Gunsberg tells us how a state-of-the-art dome has been created for the acts to perform before our talented judges. They are:

Kimberley Wyatt who is an international singer and dancer. She is also the co-founder of the pop act "The Pussycat Dolls".

Travis Payne is a well-known choreographer who has worked with numerous celebrities which include the "Pop" king Michael Jackson.

Our very own Paula Abdul is our final judge who everyone knows is a singer, dancer, choreographer and has sold over 60 million records. And of course, who could forget that she was once the heart-felt judge on American Idol.

Smile Now for the auditions. Each group will perform and the judges will be pressing buttons marked "yes which brings about a gold star" or "no which brings about a red star". If the act gets 2 or more gold stars they move on to what is known as the short list. If they get 2 or more red stars they will be going home.

I found the audition process to be quite fast and it was difficult for me to write down not only the names of the acts but also the judges comments. So I have decided to just post who made the short list and who went home (thank goodness I taped the show).

lol! Acts who made the list:

9 year old Jalen from Seattle, WA
83 year old Bev and 68 year old Hap from Los Angeles, CA
We see 7 acts who made it but no names were given (sorry)
Teenagers Jill and Jacob from Los Angeles, CA
Du-Shaunt Stegall from Las Vegas, NV'
Tap Sounds Underground from Los Angeles, CA
Supratrix from Los Angeles, CA
Dance in Flight from Valley Village, CA
The Vibe from Lindon, Ut
White Tree Fine Art from San Francisco, CA
Inside The Box from Pomona, CA
Jittin Genius from Detroit, MI
Beyond Gold from Los Angeles, CA
11 year old Kendall Glover from Phoenix, AZ
Shore Thing from Cape May, NJ
Two acts were shown here that made it but no names were given (sorry)
ICONic Boyz from Englishtown, NY
Lilphunk Boyz from Boston, Ma
Roosevelt Anderson from Brooklyn, NY
Chi-Town Finest Breakers from Chicago, IL
Dax and Sarah from Los Angeles, Ca
Twitch from Miami, FL
D'Angelo and Amanda from Miami, FL

Sad Acts that failed to make it:

One Night in Havana from Las Vegas, NV
Pace Dance from Westminister, CA
Hollywood Hot Shots from Los Angeles, CA
Rob Lee Thornhill from San Rafael, CA
Anakh Punjab Dj from North Hollywood, CA
Stone Fleshman from Woodinville, WA
Lilphunk Girlz from Boston, MA
Island Dolls from Midvale, UT
Arleen Hurtado from Long Beach, CA
Single Ladies Remix from Orange County, CA
Tara Palsha from Las Vegas, NV
Dorothy Day Kiosh from Palm Springs, CA
Another group with no name given goes home
90 year old Bonnie Buchner from Fultonville, NY
RoBros from Brooklyn, NY
Da'Mone Morris from Erie, PA
Remix Theater from Medford, NJ
5 more acts do not make, sorry no names given
Joe Bananas from Queens, NY
Kristina Vensko from Alexandria, VA
Leighanna Kennett from Canastota, NY
Deaf C-Bunny from Millstone, NJ
Two more acts shown, no names
Soccer mom Peaches from Long Island, NY
Again more acts shown with no names given
Full Outt from New York, NY
Venom from Brooklyn, NY
Nerdz from Philadelphia, PA
Jazz Unlimited from Mariton, NJ

Surprised Here I have to say that two acts that were sent home should have gotten on that short list in my opinion. They are the deaf girl C-Bunny and the soccer mom Peaches.

Wink Final comments; Tomorrow night the competition will be narrowed down to 18 acts for the semi-finals. I am sort of glad that they are keeping the audition process to a minimum but have to also add I feel this part of the show was certainly rushed. I do think when the judges gave their comments they did so without being overly mean and did give each act some good advice on how to get better. That was refreshing I thought.

Let is a wrap for now but I will be back with the re-cap of Wednesday's show. Toodles all!
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Re-cap - 1/4/11
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