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 Re-cap of Wednesday's show - 1/5/11

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Re-cap of Wednesday's show - 1/5/11 Empty
PostSubject: Re-cap of Wednesday's show - 1/5/11   Re-cap of Wednesday's show - 1/5/11 EmptyThu Jan 06, 2011 2:06 am

Very Happy Hello again all. As promised I am back to give the re-cap of tonight's show.

Andrew Gunsberg opens tonight's show by telling us the search continues for the top dance act. We see several scenes of last night's auditions and special moments of the judges comments. We learn that although we did not get the names of all, 42 acts did make the short list. Now it is up to the judges to narrow the field down to 17 acts that will go into the semi-finals. I know what you are thinking they said 18 acts will be in the semi-finals and that is where the public comes in by voting for the act to fill the final spot.

We see the judges pondering over all the acts who made the list plus some scenes of different acts who made the grade. Lots of tension in choosing the top 17 acts but the judges do finally narrow the field. However there are 4 acts that they can not decide about and that is where our vote will really count. Each of these acts are visited by our judges and host. They are as follows:

Travis Payne visits Theatrix
Kimberley visits White Tree Fine Art
Andrew visits Inside The Box
Paula visits Kendall Glover

These 4 acts are told they only have 24 hours to come up with a new routine and pack their bags for their new visit to Los Angeles, California.

Along the way, we do get to see scenes of the groups who have made it into the semi-finals. Excitement and joy make our groups happy campers.

lol! The Dance-Off

First up for a second chance is 25 members of the group "Inside The Box". They do come up with a new routine that truly shows how in-sync this group is. Before they do their new routine we hear how dedicated they are in spite of having regular jobs. Most of their practice is conducted in parking lots or wherever they can find a place big enough to practice. My grade: A

Next we see 11 year old Kendall Glover who was still so happy that Paula visited her school to give her the news. She loves dance and we see her practicing a new routine and choosing the right costume before she performs. This young girl is definitely a breath of fresh air however I do think she has a long way to go before realizing a full career as a dancer. My grade: B+

White Tree Fine Art consist of a married couple who have been working quite hard to perfect their art. We see some of their new routine as they let us know how they met. I found this couple to be outstanding as they performed their act. Such grace and elegance and I actually got chills watching them. My grade: A+

Our last group is "Theatrix". They barely made it the first time around as they only got two gold stars. They let us know they are working very hard to show that they are grateful for getting this second chance. I thought their idea of performing to the song "Footloose" in black tuxedos and white tennis shoes was clever. They do some
good moves however I noticed many were not in-sync with each other. My grade: B-

scratch Frankly I was disappointed with the judges decision to have Kendall Glover take the 17th spot in the competition. As mentioned she does have potential but when you are looking for the best it is obvious that White Tree Fine Art was so much better in my opinion.

Now it is up to the voters to see who will take the final spot in the semi-finals. Each group's number is shown and each caller gets 10 votes to make their choice. I am glad they put a select number of times you can vote. You can also vote 10 times by texting or actually going to the CBS website.

Smile Congratulations to the first 17 acts who made the cut. They are:

Austen Acevedo
Jittin' Genius
D'Angelo & Amanda
Bev & Hap
Chi-Town Finest Breakers
The Vibe
Du-Shaunt Stegall
Dax & Sarah
Dance In Flight
Roosevelt Anderson
Jill & Jacob
Tap Sounds Underground
Dance Town Chaos
Shore Thing
Kendall Glover

In closing, may I say I wish each and everyone of the acts the best of luck next week. Until then, take care all!
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Re-cap of Wednesday's show - 1/5/11
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