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 The Finals - 2/2/11

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PostSubject: The Finals - 2/2/11   The Finals - 2/2/11 EmptyFri Feb 04, 2011 2:27 pm

Smile Hello all. Andrew Gunsberg starts off our show by asking if we are ready as we have made it to the finals. Each act gets one dance, one chance to win $500,000. Only six acts remain which include D'Angelo and Amanda, The Vibe, Twitch, White Tree Fine Art, Dance Town Chaos and of course the final act who was voted on that we do not know yet at this part of the show. Scenes are shown of the thousands who tried out and some that made the cut for the semi-finals. Comments from our judges are also shown on our quest to find America's favorite act.

After the usual opening of Live To Dance, we see Andrew Gunsberg on stage who welcomes us to the show. He also mentions we have six very nervous acts backstage. We have a soloist, we have duos and a crew with 38 dancers. For all of them one missed step, one fault could cost them the biggest dance prize in t.v. history. (Sorry but this is not totally true as So You Think You Can Dance has given out bigger prizes in past shows). Andrew continues to say it is a big night for the acts and also for us as only our votes will make the decision on who wins the prize. Now for the intro to our judges, Kimberley Wyatt, Travis Payne and of course our favorite of the show Paula Abdul. Paula thinks America has their work cut out for them as they choose who should win. She also mentions we should vote on the act that inspired us.

Now it is time to find out who our sixth act is who will compete against the other five. We see scenes of last week's show which include clips of the acts as well as the judges comments. The voting public must have been swayed by alcohol as we find out our sixth act is Kendall Glover. I am so disappointed in this decision as I felt others gave a better performance. Oh well, moving on.

Andrew says we now have our six acts with one chance at the prize. Paula has worked with all of them but even with her guidence, it is up to them to give the performance of their lifetimes. So let's get started.

lol! Twitch is up first as we see some emotions from this group who have been together for 10 years. Seems three are graduating and this is their last performance together as a group. Tears abound. One of the group says they are one dance away from hopefully winning the prize of their lifetimes. Twitch once again shows their talented skills of dance to the song "Paparazzi" by Lady GaGa. The beauty of their moves plus the tumbling was in evidence as they give what I call a solid performance. Our judging panel starts with Travis who yells that was awesome and thinks they have made it difficult for the remaining acts who will follow. He gives them a gold star. Kimberley compliments them also by saying their technique is superb and gives them gold. Paula thinks their technique is great. She tells the only male Anthony to challenge himself on doing variations of his turns. To the rest of the group she wants them to do well with the new Twitch. She calls them superb and amazing as she too gives them a gold star.

After the break our next act is White Tree Fine Art. We hear that this duo have had their ups and downs getting to the finals. They were fearful after getting a red star from Travis on their semi-final night but were thrilled the voters brought them back. We see the love they have for dance as well as each other as they are married. I absolutely love this couple who perform an exquisite dance to the song "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". The back scenes compliment their dance as they perform beautiful lifts while they dance. There last lift was incredible to my eyes. We know the song has a special meaning for this couple as it was playing when they became engaged and now they are dancing their final dance on this show to it. Kimberley loves the strength and beautiful lines shown like a fairy tale. She calls it magic as she gives them a gold star. Paula is also impressed and says many comlimentary comments as she hits her gold star. Travis starts his comments by saying America loves you, the audience loves you and although their journey has been rocky he now loves them too. Very, very good as he also gives them a gold star.

The Vibe comes next. This large group of 38 dancers are living the American dream they say. Many of the dancers are related to each other and they hope to bring the best of their best to the stage tonight. The start of their dance is the illusion of rain as all but two have umbrellas. Naturally they are performing to the song "Umbrella" by Rhianna. The two solo artists give us a brief dance before the remaining people join in. This group do fairly well with their in-sync performance but overall I found the act to just be okay. Paula gives a long-winded speech about their techniques of using ballroom, hip/hop, contemporary, etc., etc., etc. in their performances. She does caution them that less is more as she does not feel each has to be performing while on stage. She commends all of them as she hits her gold button. Travis liked most of the act but does mention it seemed too busy at times which I agree with. While he believes they are all talented his take is a red star. Kimberley compliments their "clean" moments on stage and feels you have to stand back to get the full effect as so much was going on. She appreciated their act and rewards them with a gold star. I did like the comment given that the red star sucked but frankly I think they deserved the red star.

The voting public who has put the 11 year old Kendall Glover through to the finals and we see her excited moment as she finds out. She tells us about a problem she had a couple of years ago with tendonitis but also adds she needs to do her best with this one shot at the prize. Not sure of the song she danced to but this young girl does have talent beyond her years. Her tumbling was not as graceful as last week and her split at the end looked like it hurt so overall I was not overly impressed with this dance even though she did have some good moves. Kendall tells us before the experts have their say that she would save some of the money if she won for college but also would like to redo her room and take her family on vacation. Personally I think she should invest on getting her teeth straightened which sort of mar her beautiful young face. Kimberley thinks Kendall is a powerhouse performer and has a great dance career ahead of her. She gives her gold. Paula compliments her by saying she nailed it tonight among other comments. Paula thinks this is her best performance and also gives her gold. Travis admires her ability as well and calls her a bright shining star. It is three gold stars for young Kendall. I must be missing something as I feel that performance was good but not good enough.

In a clip we see Dance Town Chaos has different ethics in their group which include Cubans, Chilieans and Argentineans. They have different ideas but feel they are like a brotherhood of dance. Also in their clip before they dance we see one of the guys who used to get teased about his weight but the remaining group encourage him to lose the weight. Travis is shown saying this group is strong and innovative and could possibly win the half a million dollars. They are trying some new moves they have not done before and are nervous. With a indian-like theme they perform hip/hop as well as contemporary in this exciting dance. They dance also includes tumbles as well as some playing huge drums. For sure this dance was strong and innovative which brings a standing ovation from the audience as well as the judges. Paula calls them authentic and revelant as well as unbelievable. They of course get the gold. Travis is thrilled with them and says words like awesome, cool, clever and thanks them for it as he too gives them a gold star. Kimberley starts her comments with she is in love and ends with she is feeling it as she hits her gold button.

D'Angelo and Amanda are our last act to perform. Can they tango their way to half a million dollars? We shall see after the break. Now back from break we see the split of the money should they win is a hot topic as 10 year old D'Angelo thinks he should get more since he has to lift Amanda who is heavier than she thinks she is. They add before they dance that the Tango is like a fight which is intense as they fight all the time anyway. Paula also mentions the tenseness in a brief moment. I must say this young couple have the power of the dance down pat as they perform with a prop (chair). The moves are great and I foresee they going far in the dance world. Obviously the judges do also as another standing ovation from them. Travis thinks they are the future of ballroom dance and rewards them with a gold star. Kimberley is blown away by the passion they show during their dances. She thinks they did a beautiful job and gives them gold. Paula loves, loves them and think they have improved with each dance. She loved working with them and calls them mesmorizing as she also gives them gold.

Our show is ending with each judge giving their take on all the incredible performances we saw tonight. I know for myself I will have to split my votes as so many of the acts tonight were awesome. Who do I think should win it all well I am totally torn between White Tree Fine Art and Dance Town Chaos. I liked the fact that Paula thanked all the teachers, parents and others who had a hand in the show. Now it is up to the voters to choose the act that deserves the half a million prize.

Next week we will find out the winner as well as see some professional performances as told to us by Andrew. Until then I wish you a great week ahead! Toodles.
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PostSubject: Re: The Finals - 2/2/11   The Finals - 2/2/11 EmptyFri Feb 04, 2011 7:27 pm

I cant belive its almost at a close already! This was a short run! Im in shock though that Kendal is still in the running and that White tree they find so amazing.. I would think they would want somthing more original, but thats me. Paula looks so vibrant and happy... she is glowing! Cant wait until next week.. thanks again CC love ya girl

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PostSubject: Re: The Finals - 2/2/11   The Finals - 2/2/11 EmptySun Feb 06, 2011 1:38 am

Paula does look so refreshed and happy doesn't she? I just read an article about her in our local newspaper. She's definately a strong woman and has gone through alot of crap to get where she is today.

Thank you for your recaps CC. When I miss something I can always count on reading them to catch up on the latest performances.
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PostSubject: Re: The Finals - 2/2/11   The Finals - 2/2/11 Empty

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The Finals - 2/2/11
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