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 Rules On Graphics

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PostSubject: Rules On Graphics   Rules On Graphics EmptyThu Jul 22, 2010 9:29 pm

We here at Straight-Up want you to know that there are many pictures floating about the internet. Most of our members just happen upon them randomly. If you see a graphic on this site AND you can PROVE this is your graphic, then please respectfully PM me or another Mod and let us know what your wishes are. Furthermore...Anyone posting any graphics from another site must credit that site for said graphic.

As the designer of this site I make no claims to own the actual photographs I use unless otherwise posted. I claim only the design I have used in said graphic. Now with all this said, I refuse to tolerate any PM's or topics on bashing anyone for said graphics! This shall be dealt with in an adult manner or you will be banned!

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Rules On Graphics
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