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 PAULA Abdul won’t be returning to American Idol

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PostSubject: PAULA Abdul won’t be returning to American Idol    Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:25 am

PAULA Abdul won’t be returning to American Idol — ‘cos she’ll get her ass sued if she does!

According to E! News, because Abdul — who left Idol a few seasons ago — has inked a deal with CBS’ Got to Dance, she is prohibited from appearing on any competition show on any other network, both broadcast and cable.

“If Paula did Idol she would get sued big-time by Viacom,” a source said.

“She’s locked in exclusively with CBS.”

According to the source, Abdul’s obligation to CBS is for “about five years” and that the only way for her to appear on Idol would be if CBS to amended her deal.

“Paula has a better chance at winning American Idol than she does at returning as a judge,” said the source.

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PAULA Abdul won’t be returning to American Idol
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