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 Paula Abdul - Little Known Facts About

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PostSubject: Paula Abdul - Little Known Facts About    Paula Abdul - Little Known Facts About  EmptyFri Aug 20, 2010 3:38 pm

You may remember Paula Abdul as the singer who won four MTV video music awards in 1989 for her pop hit "Straight Up." She won for "Best Female Artist", "Dance Video", "Editing" and "Choreography." "Straight Up" was one of the songs on her first album, "Forever Your Girl" that led to the album selling more than seven million copies. More recently, Abdul is known as being one of the judges on FOX TV's successful "American Idol" show. Read this informative article and learn some little known facts about Paula Abdul!

Her Real Name
Just like other celebrities such as country singer Alan Jackson, gospel singer Amy Grant and Dolly Parton, Abdul didn't change her name when she entered show business. "Paula Julie Abdul" was born in San Fernando, California on June 19, 1962. She was the second-born child to Harry and Lorraine, a gravel business owner and a concert pianist, respectively. (She has an older sister, Wendy.) Paula Abdul inherited her beautiful, exotic looks from her Syrian-Brazilian and French-Canadian ancestors.

Gene Kelly Fan
Another little known fact about Paula Abdul is, after she saw legendary dancer Gene Kelly perform in "Singin' in the Rain", she aspired to be a dancer. She started taking dance lessons when she was eight years old. Nearly two decades later, Abdul got the chance to dance "with" her idol when she made a Diet Coke commercial in 1990. Producers used movie footage from Kelly's "Anchors Away" (1945) and technology to make it appear the two were actually dancing together. It's said to be Abdul's favorite performance.

Paula Abdul Jewelry
If you've already seen her line of inspirational jewelry on QVC, then this fact won't surprise you. Abdul started out making pieces of jewelry and giving them as "good luck" gifts to the contestants on the "American Idol" show. She then expanded her designs, and you can now buy them for yourself or for gifts!

Although she's an award-winning singer and choreographer, a little known fact about Paula Abdul is that she's made "Mr. Blackwell's Ten Worst Dressed Women Lists" twice already. In 2004, Blackwell put her at number eight, describing her fashion sense like this: "Let's face it: Perky Paula's a paint-by-numbers fashion foul - she dresses with all the restraint of a revved-up Simon Cowell!"

In 2006, Paula Abdul made the Blackwell list again, this time rising up to number six. The former fashion designer described Abdul as "Wrapped in floral fiascoes that grow moldier by the hour.... She's a lumpy stem on a bumpy flower. A fallen fashion idol."

Trials With Bulimia
She always dreamed of being tall and thin like most professional dancers are. But at five feet, two inches tall, Paula Abdul felt like she was too short. Although she has always kept her weight to between 105-110 pounds, Abdul looked at herself as being fat too. When Paula Abdul was sixteen years old, she started battling bulimia. Bulimia is an eating disorder that causes its sufferers to gorge on food then throw it up so they don't gain weight.

Abdul continued her fight with bulimia, even joining "Over Eaters Anonymous" to find a resolution for the disorder. After nearly two decades, Abdul finally beat her problem with bulimia after she underwent psychiatric therapy.

Paula Abdul's parents divorced when she was a child. Unfortunately, her own track record with romance has been full of heartaches as well. Abdul and actor
Emilio Estevez became newlyweds in 1992; they honeymooned in Canada. Obviously the honeymoon was short-lived. Because, the following year, Abdul and Estevez divorced.

A little known fact about Paula Abdul is that she found love again when she married businessman Brad Beckerman in 1996. Their wedding was spotlighted in
"Lifetime's Celebrity Weddings". But, the couple also divorced the next year.

Paula Abdul has dated actors John Stamos and Keanu Reeves and businessman Colton Melby, but she has been quoted as saying, "I'm happily single."

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Paula Abdul - Little Known Facts About
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